Been Way Too Long

I’ll have to admit that I have been busy. Who hasn’t? Time to dust off the cobwebs from this site.

I have been playing a lot of violin. Yesterday we finished a concert and have yet to get the music for the one coming up in November.

A few days ago I got the badge from 2019 Hackaday badge off of the hook behind the violin hanger and decided to see what I can do with it. I never had done anything with the “HACK-O-METER” section on the badge.

I put two AA batteries onto the device and it booted up. I was surprised to find that the programs I had written in 2019 were still available on the badge. This thing is still as awesome as the day I got it.

I have been getting in some brain exercises. I force myself to go to bed at night without staying up too late. Working on badge programming is a lot quieter than practicing violin passages from Handel or Haydn. 32nd notes were proving to be difficult when practicing for two hours. Today, I could use a chiropractor, a dip in a hot tub, and a massage.

Dipping my feet into Verilog again is proving to be a great adventure. Now that I got the LEDs in the HACK-O-METER to blink I can move on to fading them in and out with PDM. Pulse Density Modulation. I have began to read up on that.

I’ll add a post showing what I have been doing on the 2019 HADBadge in a little while. I need to read up on this WordPress update I have been given.