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Jovian Laser app sales so far

I checked this morning and there were 16 sales over the three days.  11 on the first day.  So, there is a difference in the look on the iPhone app and the web site.  The web site is a lot easier to view and seems to have a lot more information.  Also, floating over with the mouse displays some more information.  You can’t float over on the touch screen.  Maybe someone has figured out how to include mouseover on a touch screen, but a web page would have to have that coding included within.

Today I stopped by a friends’ house and had a cup of tea before heading home.  They asked to see the app.  I went out to the truck to get my iPhone and brought it in to let them play.  The man of the house played with it the longest all the while attempting to get a high score.  His wife was laughing and really enjoying him playing on the iPhone.

They enjoyed the simplicity of the game.  I read a message from my niece saying that her two daughters (2 and 4) enjoy playing the game.

Pew Pew

Jovian Laser did go live somewhere around midnight betwixt Monday and Tuesday.  It is not working on devices with iOS 6 and 7.0.x.  Devices running 7.1 and up are OK.  I think the error has something to do with not being able to find a picture.  Perhaps it is the start up screen.  The launch screen displays and then >crash< out to the icon screen.
  This morning, Friday the19th, I checked how many sold in two days and it shows 20.  Tuesday’s sales was 11.  Yesterday was 5.  So, Wednesday, which I didn’t check, must have been 4.  Since I really only expected to sell 10, it is pretty good.  But, I still have to find that crashing problem on the earlier iOS versions.
Also, yesterday I checked out a book from Upper Lake Library on WordPress.  I’ll be reading this book to help me navigate this blog site much more efficiently.  I am sure there will be some “so that’s how you do that”, and “I didn’t know I could do that” moments.  Someone left their card with notes on it in the book showing they had some of those kind of moments already.

Still awaiting a reply

Jovian Laser is still in the queue of “waiting for review.”  It has only been five and a half days since I uploaded it.  Perhaps I’ll hear something by Monday.

Magic Square
Magic square.

I went on working on another little game that I used to play on Merlin.  It is a 3×3 square that you have to get the outer panels on and only the center one off.  I selected red and blue as the colors.  So, a red one in the center and blue ones going around the outside would constitute a “win.”  It is a simple puzzle game.

This morning I added sounds, created in Garageband, for the touching to change the colors and one for winning.  I made this one in Swift.  I decided to not use sprite kit.  I was beginning to think I should drop back down to xCode 5.  I know that one a lot better.

(OK.  I tried to put the picture up within the text and have it flow around the picture.  Now to search for the option to do that. I finally got it moved up into the text now to put a border around it.  I had to adjust the CSS file.)

I am going to test out this little puzzle on my phone a little bit more and then prepare it for uploading to the iTunesConnect site and get it into the queue.  I think this one will be free.  I liked that game when I was young.  I am glad to get a chance to share.

Waiting for Review

Last night I went through the “paperwork” to be able to upload the space ship app, Jovian Laser, to iTunWaiting for  Afterward I received, rather quickly I might add, an email from Apple saying the app had been received and is waiting for review.  Of course, I was excited to be able to make it this far.  It took a long time to go to sleep.

A while back I had shown it to a couple of co-workers and they said they wanted to play it.  They would pay 99 cents for it.  They also wanted to see how low of a score they could get.  So far, in testing, I have gotten to -558.  You get a negative point for missing the space ship from your laser shots.

Now the waiting begins.  Well, continues, since the waiting started last night.  Wish me luck.

Now to continue with the pirate ship game, and start the magic square puzzle.