Pew Pew

Jovian Laser did go live somewhere around midnight betwixt Monday and Tuesday.  It is not working on devices with iOS 6 and 7.0.x.  Devices running 7.1 and up are OK.  I think the error has something to do with not being able to find a picture.  Perhaps it is the start up screen.  The launch screen displays and then >crash< out to the icon screen.
  This morning, Friday the19th, I checked how many sold in two days and it shows 20.  Tuesday’s sales was 11.  Yesterday was 5.  So, Wednesday, which I didn’t check, must have been 4.  Since I really only expected to sell 10, it is pretty good.  But, I still have to find that crashing problem on the earlier iOS versions.
Also, yesterday I checked out a book from Upper Lake Library on WordPress.  I’ll be reading this book to help me navigate this blog site much more efficiently.  I am sure there will be some “so that’s how you do that”, and “I didn’t know I could do that” moments.  Someone left their card with notes on it in the book showing they had some of those kind of moments already.