Jovian Laser app sales so far

I checked this morning and there were 16 sales over the three days.  11 on the first day.  So, there is a difference in the look on the iPhone app and the web site.  The web site is a lot easier to view and seems to have a lot more information.  Also, floating over with the mouse displays some more information.  You can’t float over on the touch screen.  Maybe someone has figured out how to include mouseover on a touch screen, but a web page would have to have that coding included within.

Today I stopped by a friends’ house and had a cup of tea before heading home.  They asked to see the app.  I went out to the truck to get my iPhone and brought it in to let them play.  The man of the house played with it the longest all the while attempting to get a high score.  His wife was laughing and really enjoying him playing on the iPhone.

They enjoyed the simplicity of the game.  I read a message from my niece saying that her two daughters (2 and 4) enjoy playing the game.