Oscilloscope repair

I am still working on the FPGA and WS2812b project and working on the blog post. I watched a video about getting them to work with a PIC and C code. To show the timing of his circuit he used an oscilloscope. Ian gave me one of the pocket sized ones for Christmas a couple of years ago. I got it out to test my FPGA code.

The oscilloscope didn’t work. It is an ETEPON pocket sized oscilloscope that runs on 9v. I decided to open it up and see what is wrong.

ETEPON Oscilloscope not working.
The main board of ETEPON Oscilloscope
Power jack and main board. Notice the cold solder joint failure.

The power jack had come loose. Notice that the solder joints were cold joints. The tabs of the jack look powdery. It was an easy job to solder it back on.

Working again!

Here it is working again. I am having to re-learn it, but fortunately that is not going to be difficult. There are only 5 buttons.

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