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Foldable 3D prints

After seeing so many interesting prints onto fabric I wanted to try to print something that can fold. Earlier I had used a 3D pen to make candle holders, a unicorn horn on a headband, and a tiara. I drew them on a flat surface with the 3D pen and used a blow drier to heat the PLA so I could mold it into a curve. It was really easy.

For a test I decided to use the 3D printer to print three squares that are joined linearly by a single layer of filament. The test print didn’t take very long and the result was what I had expected. I am happy with the result.

There has been an update to WordPress and I am having trouble seeing where to upload pictures so I can put them into this post.

Well, that was easy. And I saw editing options for the ‘Media.’

Here is a picture of the three squares that I printed. It is flat and ready to bend.

I really just did this as a test without printing it upon some mesh. I thought I would have to use some heat from a blow dryer or soldering iron to get it to bend, but bending is easy.

Once you get the designs down, you should be able to print foldable objects. I am thinking of little model houses, cubes, ornaments, and other decorations. After you get the pieces folded into the shape you want you can glue them together with the same filament using a 3D pen.