2019 Hackaday Badge

I’ve been reading a lot of Verilog examples and looking up what I don’t understand. One of the challenges for the 2019 Hackaday badge was to get all of the LEDs to light up on the HACK-O-METER. I used magnifier on my phone to be able to view traces and those tiny components. I perused and took notes about what I saw on the KiCad file. I was told that you have to change some of the badge code and recompile it. There may be an LED that is soldered on incorrectly and there may be a trace that needs a jumper soldered on. The LEDs looked to be correct, so I started following traces on the KiCad file. Flipping the view really helped.

It took a little while but I found what seemed to be a break in the connection. Looking at the back of the actual board showed what could be the spot to solder in a bridge. It is right there above the R72R60 (printed on top of each other), and to the left of the 1V1.

hadbadge bridge point
Backside of the HADBadge.

I got the entire set of RGB LEDS to light up, animate and do whatever they should.

On to more difficult things with this badge.