Making More Things

I have many electronic projects in the works and desires right at the moment. I want to CharliePlex, or MultiPlex a Christmas tree with LEDs. That is the main project in my head at this time.
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LED Tree
On Orthodox Christmas night I finished the MultiPlex Christmas Tree. It works great. Over the next couple of days I changed the Arduino to a Pro Mini and put it into a tiny round cheese box. I put Christmas Wrap around it and cotton balls for snow.

The programming has six or so different patterns that the LEDs use. I cut a USB cable so I could use the type-A end for power and soldered the cut end onto the Pro Mini. I just might make some more to sell next Fall for Christmas. I still have to come up with a price. Parts are about $10. There is a lot of time put into it. The programming is all done, so I only have to copy it onto the Arduino.

The video I took of the LED patterns is over 100MB. I have to change the movie to about 64MB to use on this site. I cut a bit of frames out and got it to about 47 megs.

I have also been playing with a 3x3x3 cube and a cheap TFT Touch screen. It has been too much fun.

:-/ For some silly reason I cannot upload an .m4v file. GoDaddy has is forbidden and I haven’t figured out the fix, yet. I’ll post this and get back to it later.
I was able to SFTP the .m4v into the media directory. It should not be this difficult.
Here is a little video of a test sketch on a cheap TFT TouchScreen for Arduino.
TFT TouchScreen